I have been working ever since I left school at the age of 16 years old. For the first couple of years, I worked in a supermarket, and then I left to work in London as a lap dancer for a little while. It was an okay job, but the truth is that it was also hard work and for very little money. In the end, I went home to Berkshire and started to work for http://charlotteaction.org/reading-escorts Reading escorts. It is a great job most of the time, but I am getting fed up with working so hard. A change of lifestyle is needed.

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There is no way that I am going to give up working on a permanent basis, but I would like to have some time off from Reading escorts. I have always wanted to travel, and I think it is about time that I realized my ambition. It seems that there are very few places left in the world to explore, and I would like to see some places before I settle down. So far, I have done really well in my life. I cannot say that I have had a life plan, but I have been involved with some good opportunities.

I am only 23 years old, but I have been able to buy my own place. Not all of the money has come from Reading escorts. When I am not busy working for the agency, I also do a lot of modeling for an agency in London. The work started to take off last year, and so far I have earned a lot of money from my modeling career. Yes, it means that I am working even more, but if the means meet end, I don’t mind that at all. It is nice to be able to have your own place.

When I go traveling, I am going to rent my place out for a year. It can sponsor my travels. Lots of people who go on world wide holidays take a back pack, but I am planning to do it in style. I would actually like to cruise around the world. My friends at Reading escorts think that I am a bit strange. They keep on telling me that the ship will be full of all people. I know from my dates that all sorts of people cruise, so I am not hung up about that idea at all.

I can understand that some people like to slum it, and sort of put their back packs on their backs and go off. A few years ago, it would have been me as well. Now, I have learned to appreciate the finer things in life. I want to see the world, I am going to do so in comfort. On the cruise ship, I will have all of my food, and I know that I will always have company. My boss at Reading escorts think it is a good idea. He says that it is a much safer and more practical way to travel.

A change of lifestyle is needed
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