A couple of months back I met this really nice guy on holiday. I thought that he was going to be the love of my life, but he turned out to be a real gigolo. It took me a little while, but I soon realized that I was not his only girlfriend. To my astonishment, this was a guy who had more or less made a life out of hanging around different women and making them give things to him. I was so shocked that I had fallen for him!


The best way I can describe this guy was a shape shifter. It was like he took on a different personality the moment that he met a new girl. I have to say that I have never seen anything like it and it was kind of amusing in a way. Like I said to my friends here at Eton escorts, this bloke would make the ideal Eton escort. Women would love him and he would be their Casanova.

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The first time I met him, I did not realize that he was checking out. He just seemed to be keen to listen to everything that I had to say, but in reality, he was checking me out. I have done pretty well for myself at Eton escorts. That means that I have got some nice clothes and some nice gear. When we first met, I was wearing a Gucci watch and had a nice handbag with me. It is now obvious that he thought that I had lots of money.


A couple of days later, we went out for a meal, and he had left his wallet behind in his home office he said. Now I realize that this was on obvious way of getting me to pay for our meal. The date had been arranged in a really expensive restaurant as well. I was so taken by this guy that paying for the meal was just a pleasure. At the time, I did not think that he was a bit of gigolo at all, but I know that some of the girls at Eton escorts did. They did giggle at bit.


On our next date we went shopping. I needed to get some new clothes and stuff, and he seemed to be keen to take me shopping. During our previous date, he had told me how he loved all of the top shops in London. So, I took a day off from Eton escorts and we went up to London. Yes, we did have a great time, but he managed to not spend a penny. Like a mug, I bought him a couple of ties just because I thought that he would look good in them. It was great to have him carry my bags, but after a few more dates, I did realize what this guy was all about. Silly me, but you live and you learn.


I thought that he was the love of my life
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