My husband is doing rather well at the moment, so our son is going to this rather expensive private school. The moms at the school are rather posh, and if they found out that I used to work for cheap escorts service, I think that they would pass out. My husband knows all about my former London escorts career and just think that it is funny. He was the most teased buy in school, and a complete nerd, but he is glad that he has grown up to marry a real looker as he says.

I have left London escorts far behind, but I cannot help thinking about sometimes. As I was, and still am, really good looking I did really well working for London escorts, and started my own business after I left London escorts. After that I met my husband, we got married and had a girl and a boy. Both kids are really lovely. The girl has turned out to be the nerd, and the lad is like me. Really active and a rising sports star at the school.

The parents at the school love throwing parties. Most of them are a bit like “look at me sort of thing”. Ever since my cheap escorts days, I have hated show offs, and I spend most of the time ignoring the nouveau rich parents. I actually get on very well with the posh girls and they all seem to have heart of gold. When you hang out with them, they just ten to accept you. The other girls you sort of have to manoeuvre around if you know what I mean. When one of them invited myself and my husband to a party, we very reluctantly said yes.

This Kensington wife’s party tends to be full of booze and we don’t drink a lot. Since I left cheap escorts, I have focused on looking after myself and I have noticed that I do look a lot younger than many of my counterparts in what I call the Kensington Wives Club. Anyway, by the sounds of it, it sounded like everybody was going to be at this party so we just had to go to keep up with the others if nothing else.

For some reason, the hostess sent out a dress code for the party, and it was not being held at their home address. It was to celebrate her 45th birthday and was in Sunbury on Thames. I vaguely recognized the address but did not think very much of it. It was only when we arrived, I realised that this was one of London’s top Swingers club. It took me about ten seconds to decides that I had better explain it to my husband and my socalled posh girlfriends. Were they shocked? Yes, they were, and I have a feeling that this did not end up being the best attended that the Hostess with the Mostess as we called her, and ever thrown. Of course, respectable Kensington House Wives would never go swinging, but I do wonder what my friends would say if they knew about me and London escorts.

My Accidental Swingers Party
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