The Better Sex Guide has recently been focusing on talking to the owners of various London escorts agencies. This week we are speaking to the owners of Paddington escorts – an escorts agency which seems to be on the move. A lot of things are happening at Paddington escort services from and they have recently recruited some new hot babes. Some people are surprised that Paddington girls are popular but apparently international business travelers are not. Many of the international business men who visit London seem to enjoy dating Paddington girls. The girls are gaining a bit of a reputation for themselves internationally and that may not be a bad thing for the London escorts service in total.

Paddington escorts are very nice girls and seems to have gained a bit of a reputation internationally for their escorts services. At the end of the day we all know that London escorts are well known outside the borders of the capital and it isn’t just Mayfair girls who have made themselves well known abroad. Many other girls from other parts of London are now just as well known and to me it sounds like the London escorts service in general is doing well.

Joe from VIP Paddington escorts popped in to have a chat to us here at the Better Sex Guide. He seemed a bit stressed but quickly explained that he had been trying to recruit escorts from out of town. There are many ambitious ladies from outside London who would like to join escorts services in London. Some of them make it, others don’t. It takes quite a lot to become a London escort and Joe would only like to have the hottest and most exciting girls working for him. At the end of the day he says, it is important that the girls have a lot of experience as well.

According to Joe from Paddington escorts, experience is what really matters. Many girls come to the UK expecting to be able to make it as escorts in this country. The biggest problem according to Joe is that they don’t take their personal to work with them. Yes, it is important to look good but it is just as important to be able to bring yourself to work. A smile is the biggest turn on of all, says Joe and I am sure many gents do agree with Joe on this one.

Paddington escorts would like to pride themselves on providing a service which consists of happy and cheerful girls. Nothing is worse, says Jpoe, than a girl who opens the door and can’t be bothered to smile. Some girls are just in it for the money and this shows up straight away. That sort of attitude is never going to work in any kind of business and Joe will not entertain girls who ask how much money they can earn straight away. He says that they are the first ones out the door. That is probably true for any business.

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