Choosing the right lingerie for gents is not always that easy. I have been dating for quite some time now, and it is not that easy to pick the right lingerie. Here at Barnes Cray escorts, it seems that a lot of gents are very traditional. At most other escort agencies that I have worked, the gents are less traditional. They seem to like a little bit of everything and I do appreciate that. I have good selection of lingerie and I like to spoil my gents in that sort of way.


Brian is one of my frequent visitors here at Barnes Cray escorts from   . He is not into black nor red lingerie, and I have learned that Brian is a pastel color kind of man. He says that he finds it easier on the way. The few times I have been out with Brian on dinner dates, I have noticed that he always like to wear a pastel colored tie. Most gents go for dark or bright colors, but Brian always go for pastel colors. It seems to be his thing.


Nick is one of my overseas visitors at Barnes Cray escorts. He comes from Australia and he seems to like brown colors. In many ways it has totally surprised me. After all, Australia is a very sunny country and I think it would have been better to wear a lot of hot colors. But no, that is not for Nick at all and he likes brown colors. Finding brown lingerie in the UK is not that easy and I often end up spending hours online looking for something that Nick would appreciate.


Anders is one of my favorite visitors from Sweden. He is a tall blonde guy and he likes to something black. He says that a lot of Swedish girls do not wear stockings at all, and he loves the look of a pair of hold up black stockings. It seems that a lot of Swedish ladies are really into white lingerie. Anders does like white lingerie, but when he visits me here at Barnes Cray escorts, he likes to see me on something black. That is fine with me and I love to treat Anders as he always treats me.


I date a lot of interesting gents at Barnes Cray escorts. Once, it was very popular to not cater in particular for any gent. A lot of that has changed now and us girls here at Barnes Cray like to give our gents a unique experience. I think that if you can do that, you are much more likely to hang onto many of your favorite gents. Anyway, I like to indulge my gents. The truth is that I think it is very much appreciated by all of my gents, and being appreciated as an escort, is what life is all about. Tell me something, I would really like to know how often you indulge and have fun with your gent??? Ask him what he likes, and he will reward you many times over, I am pretty sure of that.

Red or Black ???
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