What is a swinging party? Well, a swinging party, it is a party with booze and sharing an intimate moment for couples with a twist according to London Escorts! The twist is the random couple will switch partner to have an intimate moment. This is a non-monogamous behavior which sometimes referred to a wife of husband swapping or partner swapping. According to WIKI, this is a form of open relationship. My wife and I had an experience with this kind of party a few years ago, and we almost ended our relationship because of that.

This happened when we have met with our old couple of friends from college at a party. One of our friends invited us to this party, my wife and I didn’t know yet what is a swinger’s party, but our friend spoils us with these words “buddy, this party will blow your mind! Remember our college days! But you should be open-minded” so my wife and I just laughed and honestly, we were pretty excited. My wife told me that we should go, to unwind due to our very hectic schedule. Since it was a party with my old college friends, we agreed to go. When we arrived at the party the following week, we saw some of our old friends with their partners, some of them who didn’t have partners booked a date at London Escorts. Our friend welcome us, and before entering in the house he said to us, “remember the famous vegas quote?” my wife answered, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” he then said yes. So I then immediately assumed this is kind of a sexy party while walking towards the entry my wife and I grin at each other.

When we were at the entry door, a hostess gave us a paper and asked to write our names in that paper, so my wife and I are confused about what is happening. At first, we can’t figure out what is happening since it is like a typical party at first, so my and I are just talking. A couple of minutes had passed, there are few more couples who arrive, with some gorgeous girls that were booked from charlotte action escorts, so I thought It was nothing. Then here comes the weird, I noticed that most of the people in the room are switching partner, but I kept that to myself at first.

My wife didn’t notice the switching until the hostess said did something first she drew from the bowl which our names have been written on a piece of paper. Then my wife and I noticed that they are switching partners, my wife is shocked, when I was paired with another girl. But since my wife is too embarrassed to do anything, she just stays silent. Then this girl brought me to the kitchen, so I said to my wife innocently that I’ll be right back, when we arrived at the kitchen this girl immediately kissed me passionately since I was drunk I retaliate, my wife saw that and immediately leave the party, drove our car and went home. To cut the story short, we almost broke up with my wife, but eventually, she forgave me.

Swinging Party
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