I always want to become successful and give the only man that has been with me throughout my life. He was the only one who was there when everyone doubted my skills. He was the only one who always told me that everything is possible if you believe.

I looked up to my father; he is my hero, my best friend and the best father for me. He is the only man that I trusted so much and love. And I will never replace him in my heart. Yes, I came from a broken family, an only son but my father did not feel me like I am lacking. He became my mother, and he tried it so much that I will never look for a mom. He is always present every time for school affairs. We struggle together, but it is okay, as long as we are still a partner in life. We aren’t rich, but he falls me with love and values in life. We do not have clean clothes and new stuff, but we are always clean in heart says London escorts. He is a good man, and everything I am today is because of him. Even though my mother made a big mistake, and instead he will teach me to be frustrated he wants me to be forgiving and don’t plant hatred in my heart. He wants me to grow with a loving heart and compassionate. I have lots of bad things to say about my mother, but he will always remind me that revenge will never make a change. Revenge will complicate the situations, and won’t does well for us. My dad was still young when they separated; he has many chances to marry again and build a new family. But he did not, he told me that he wants to complete my life and focus on me. He said to me that I am enough to end his personality. Perhaps because of him, I am very determined to finish college and just like our dream together, I will build a business and help the needy. Our house is damaged, too much rain will cause a flood, and he always comfort me with his arms. His hugs mean a lot to me, I saw him very tired, but he ever smiles. He is sick, but he tried to work for me.


All my life, I want to give him a comfortable life before God takes away his life. I want to reach our dreams and be proud together. But after just my college graduation, he passed away. I am so down and devastated. The good thing was I know a London escort, and I book one for myself. London escort is the one who cheers me up when my father died

The ideal guy
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