For some adults, the thought of vanilla sex just isn’t enough. They may want something wild and crazy to satiate their demanding sexual needs. And that’s okay, there’s plenty that they and a kinky partner can be getting up to. Such sexual activities will help them lead a more thrilling life, as well as strengthen the bond that they have with their partner. Much of the themes that will be mentioned involved domination and some may seem intimidating, but consenting adults after more should consider these as they may be keen on a whole new sexual world they previously knew next to nothing about. According to London escort agency.



The more traditional tend to avoid anal play, but they shouldn’t as it can create some of the most incredible sensations. It’s common for a lady to take a big, thick cock up her ass, but men should also consider the prospect of being filled up. A woman who wants to take a more dominant role in the bedroom could decide that she wants to play with her man’s ass, by filling it up with a variety of toys or maybe penetrating him with a strap on. It’s different, it’s erotic and it can be an amazing experience for both parties.


Being aggressive in a sensual way is also very exciting. If you are a mistress who wants to treat your male as a slave, then you may want to have some fun with his cock. You could tie it up and slap it or punch his balls – this is known as cock and ball torture and is very popular. In the reverse case, a dominant man may wish to play with his woman’s nipples or choke her.


Face sitting is another popular form of dominance. A woman may choose to sit on her man’s face, with or without clothing and make him lick her pussy or her ass until she cums while he cannot move. He won’t be going anywhere but his cock will probably be stiffening – so when you are sitting on your man’s face you will have total control over him. Watersports could also come into play here, but these aren’t watersports as you know them. This involves urinating on a man’s face or into his mouth and forcing him to drink it. It’s quite extreme and certainly not for everyone, but for those fully invested in dominant-submissive relationships it is usually a common fixture in their play.


The thought of vanilla sex
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