The latest thing in the US is pre-marriage guidance counseling. I know, it seems totally silly but it is true. You can now visit a counselor to find out if you should get married. My friend Stacey is the same age as me, 49 years old, and she is about to get married for the third time. Each wedding ceremony has been spectacular, but this time she is investing in some pre-marriage guidance counseling before tying the knot. Wembley escorts say that sometimes they end up acting as marriage guidance counselors. Both men and women who visit them complain about the other, and many Wembley escorts find that they end up talking things through with their date. It seems a bit crazy that Wembley escorts should be acting as marriage guidance counselors but perhaps it is a good thing. Men and women are more likely to tell the truth to total strangers such as Wembley escorts from than to each other.


Most of the time marriage guidance counselors don’t tell people how to think, they change people’s mindsets. Perhaps that is what Wembley escorts do without knowing they are doing it. Changing someone’s mindset is not easy, and there are several influencing factors at play. Sex seems to be important, and Wembley escorts are good at talking about sex. Another factor is the difference between men and women, Wembley escorts are even good at working their way through that mine field. Come to think of it, perhaps Wembley escorts should retrain as marriage guidance counselors, and call themselves Independent Wembley Escorts marriage Advisers, that would be a turn up for the books!


But can Wembley escorts help a marriage in trouble out? It is difficult to say but we all know that is good to talk. The problems is that today most of us would like to talk to professionals not friends. If we consider Wembley escorts as friends perhaps that is a solution that would work. Personally, I am not sure if it does you any good to talk to professionals, and it is much better to talk to friends. The American started the psychotherapy revolution, and now it seems to be spreading all over the world. But do we actually need to have paid professionals for everything in life?


We have cleaners to clean our homes because we are so busy working, and some people have dogs but somebody else to walk them because we are so busy. Somehow we have managed to fill our lives with professionals over various kinds without realizing that we have done so. My husband is having lessons with a gold professional these week, but yet he goes out and wins a lot of matches. Why does he really need to pay a professional to play better golf? It is mind boggling, and I wonder if we are on some sort of a professional hamster wheel that just keeps going around and around. To a person in need, an escort must feel like a friend – shouldn’t we be talking to our friends instead?

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