I have to say that my mom is a bit sex crazed. Before she met my father she used to work for a London escorts agency, and she was one of the most popular girls. She is still a really stunning woman and a lot of men find her really sexy, but she is also a bit of a vixen. Mom often says that she still wishes that she was working for a London escorts agency and sometimes I do wonder if she does so in secret. At the end of the day, she travels up to London a lot and surely she cannot shop all the time.

After my parents had been married for a while, my mom got into swinging. A couple of the London escorts that she used to work with was really into swinging and she fancied having a go. My dad wasn’t so keen at first but my mom talked him into it. Of course, mom met a lot of her old London escorts friends at the swinging parties and they went hell for leather for it. My dad enjoyed but he wasn’t really over the moon. He enjoyed having sex with my mom but he did not enjoy having sex with other people that much.

After a couple of years my dad found out that my mom had been having bisexual sex with her former London escorts friends. The worst thing about it was that they had been having sex in our own home and dad did not appreciate that at all. He told my mom that he did not want her to see her bisexual escorts in London friends again. She promised him that she wouldn’t and they left it at that. After a while they went back to swinging and my mom was happy again.

Swinging seemed to be exactly what my mom wanted but she went over the top. Dad used to work abroad a lot so my mom went to swinging parties with her London escorts friends, It took my dad a few years to catch on to what she was doing but in the end he found out about mom and her London escorts friends. They had been going to swinging parties all over the place and in the end my dad had enough. He said that he wanted a divorce and he and I moved out. He was really upset as he loved my mom but at the same time he was worried about me.

I think that my dad was really brave and I love being his little princess. Now I don’t see a lot of my mom as she is working for London escorts services again. I am glad that we moved out as sometimes I used to walk in on my mom having sex with her bisexual friends. It was difficult as a child but now I understand that my mom has a really strong sex drive, and she has needs to fulfill. I don’t mind London escorts but in a way I blame them for breaking up my parents marriage.

Why did they have to swing?
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